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Trade Approvals and Associations


NICEIC Approved Domestic Installer

McEvoy Electrical Ltd are approved by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC) for both commercial and domestic installations throughout the UK.

NICEIC acts as the electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary regulatory body for electrical installation safety matters throughout the UK. It maintains and publishes registers of electrical contractors that have been assessed against Scheme requirements, including the national electrical safety standard BS 7671, the IEE Wiring Regulations.


RECI Approved Electrical Contractor

McEvoy Electrical Ltd is approved the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland (RECI) for all works in Southern Ireland.

RECI is appointed by the Commission for Energy Regulation to carry out the function of regulating electrical contractors with respect to safety on its behalf. The objective of the system is to protect the safety interest of customers with respect to electrical installation activities through a regulatory system which provides for electrical works to be carried out, tested and certified in compliance with the appropriate technical rules/standards.

McEvoy Electrical Ltd is one of a few electrical contractors to hold both NICEIC and RECI accreditation.


Safe-t-cert Approved Electrical Contractor

McEvoy Electrical Ltd has been approved by Safe-T-Cert and holds a current certificate.

Safe-T-Cert is a construction sector specific management system standard suitable for contractors and sub contractors large and small. The Key benefits of this are:

  • Gives clients peace of mind - meets clients needs to demonstrate assessment of competence.
  • Meets safety criteria set down by Department of Finance for public procurement purposes in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Approved for UK procurement process under SSIP (Safety Scheme in Procurement)
  • Included under the Competence of Contractor criteria in the HSA guidelines to the Construction Regulations 2006
    A safety certification process in collaboration with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)


McEvoy Electrical is a member of Construction Line

McEvoy Electrical has met the per-qualification requirement appropriate to public and private sector procurement.

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